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Why TremAsense?

Previous earthquake monitoring systems have tended to be complex and expensive, and confined to major infrastructure assets such as hospitals, airports, and flyovers. By contrast, TremAsense:

Relies on low-cost wireless sensors
Uses tried and tested components
Collects and analyses data
Supports rapid engineer assessments
Reduces business disruption

How it works, basically

TremAsense is a revolutionary system that monitors and logs building movement and behaviour resulting from an earthquake. It combines two main features:

  • 1. Advanced, low-cost seismic sensors installed in buildings, wirelessly linked to cloud-based big data storage & analytics, and reporting in near-real time.
  • 2. Opex-based subscription service that every property owner or landlord can afford.
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Imagine the difference it would make if accurate data about the performance of buildings in a seismic event was immediately available.

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